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Bitcoin Price Today - Live Bitcoin Value - Charts and Market Updates - BITCOINFXS.com

Bitcoin Price Today - Live Bitcoin Value - Charts & Market Updates - BITCOINFXS.com

Hey, traders here we are on the bitcoin dollar (BTCUSD)

So right here after we’re looking at the multiple time frames the monthly the weekly and the daily time frame chart

We realized that we just broke downs on the daily chart but on the monthly and the weekly time frame we still broke highs

So what do we notice we’re definitely in down trend on the daily chart but put your mind the main trend is up

Breaking down prices 10772.12 Level and bounced from 9721.03 Level will make pairs in confusion. The entry of prices in these areas, This will inevitably push prices moving in a narrow range expected trading range between support 9721.03 and 10772.12 resistance which results in the difficulty of anticipating the moves of prices

Actually we are advised to stay away from trading For (BTCUSD) untill their movements will be clear


Main Trend : UP

Daily Trend : Down

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