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Bitcoin Price with Real Time Bitcoin Chart - BITCOINFXS.com

During the past two days trading, the bitcoin (BTCUSD) has fallen from the $8791.65 levels as a result of the weak demand to $8149.05 from which it bounced.
And during yesterday morning trades, prices breakdown the $8149 level as a result of pressure from sellers

The cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTCUSD) continued to get down to (7695.93 and 7403.41) areas wich considered as strong support

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin trades in a downtrend under configuration and supports this trend of breaking $8149.05 level on 30 min time frame and we do not recommend selling currently until the (7695.93 and 7403.41) areas are broken.


It is expected that, in the case of breakdown the cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTCUSD) $8149 level may target $8550 level

On the other hand, if the cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTCUSD) is broken $7403.41 level, The cryptocurrency may target $7600

Direction: Down

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