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Why is bitcoin's price going down?, ‎Sunday, ‎May ‎19, ‎2019

The Bitcoin (BTC) went down on Friday after rising last week, where it dropped more

than 11% and reached 7000 level,

The Bitcoin (BTC) progressed to a new top level during the year on Tuesday at 8, 300$

level before it started to fall again although its performance for a week is still in the Green

Zone.So we don't recommend any trade until the buy trade is confirmed.

Amid concerns over the trade war, the demand for cryptocurrencies has risen as the

Bitcoin recorded earlier this week 8,300$ level for the first time since July.

The reasons For the Decline The Bitcoin (BTC) 

And about the reasons for the decline the bitcoin (BTC), many analysts said that the bitcoin

saw a strong ascent wave in a period of more than a month and it is natural to see a wave

of correction aimed at making profits.

Greenspan explained the technical analyst in etoro during a live broadcast on Bloomberg,

the recent recovery from Bitcoin was just the beginning of a new ascent cycle.

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