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The cryptocurrency dash (dash) analysis 12 April 2019

The cryptocurrency dash (dash) vs US dollar during trading yesterday evening rebound from the first support areas of 122.51$ to reach $138.51 levels.

The Cryptocurrency Dash pushed back down from these levels towards the 115.17$

Actually the cryptocurrency Dash is on sideways in the area of trade between 132.07$,127.61 key level and 118.76$,114.53$ Key levels on time frame 30min

In the case is expected to breakout the cryptocurrency Dash 138.51$ key levels and retesting this level be targeting 146.85$
While, in the case of break down 114.53$ key levels, and retesting this key level be targeting 102.81$ key level

Support And Resistance Levels :

Support: 118.76 – 110.78 – 102.81

Resistance: 142.68-134.71-126.73
Direction: Sideways

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