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Ethereum Hard Fork Constantinople 2019 Everything You Need To Know

 Ethereum Hard Fork Constantinople 2019 Everything You Need To Know
Ethereum Hard Fork 

What is a hard fork?

A hard Fork, is a radical change to the protocol that makes transactions of previously valid invalid blocks (or vice versa). To this end, all the nodes or users upgrade to the latest version of the protocol software. In other words, a Hard Fork is a permanent divergence with the previous version of the blockchain, and they will be nodes running earlier versions already are not accepted by the most recent version. This essentially creates a fork in the blockchain: a trail follows the blockchain again, and the other path continues along the old road. Usually, after a short period of time, of the old chain will realize that his version of the blockchain are obsolete or irrelevant, and quickly updated to the latest version.

What are we talking about?

For those who are more oriented towards investment in the crypto-currency component and a little less on the technical details, brief description of the facts. Ethereum operates on the basis of an algorithm of working test as the Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (CTA) or script (script) for example. To address some of the challenges associated with the scalability of the network, he decided in time to make a change to a test model of game NEO (NEO) or star (XLM) including. This transition should be taken through a succession of steps, the Casper project.
It makes several months, Ethereum community tangle brushes and difficult to implement a landmark. the fork hard Constantinople. The latter was initially scheduled for November, but due to certain difficulties, Ethereum community had confirmed the postponement Friday, October 19 to 2019.

Why this decision?

Changes in the code have been tried at Ropsten October 13. Ropsten is the tested Ethereum audience, problems have been identified and highlighted by some developers. Taking into account stocks higher and in the absence of a consensus, the community decided that it was best to give them even a little time before you make a change of such magnitude.

What impact on the course of the Ether?

The course of ether has remained above $200 and these technical considerations have little impact for investors who have decided to buy ether for a speculative purpose. For now, it is the policy of the ostrich that applies.
The platform is still the most popular decentralized ahead of its competitors by Cardano (ADA) or EOS (EOS) applications.
The approach of Thanksgiving, is the BTC that investors are watching and that leads the market dance. The euphoria at the end of 2017 is beautiful and well placed but it is in this climate that is more serious than the best projects of the lot and ensures its future. Yoni Assia, CEO of the Etoro platform, said in a recent interview that he was convinced that we would be in due course to a massive transfer of wealth to blockchain technology.
For the hope of capturing some of this wealth, ETH is fit to take his time before deciding which path to take.

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